Quality policy and environmental protection

VALUESZorka Keramika d.o.o , Šabac

  • We are committed to our business operations and to our common goal,
  • We take responsibility for our acts individually and as a team,
  • We communicate in a timely manner, frankly, without prejudice and fear,
  • We react to new challenges and we continuously strive for further improvements,
  • We are reliable partner who complies with agreed terms.

MISSION Zorka Keramika d.o.o, Šabac

Production and sales of high quality ceramic products, with effectiveness and efficiency increased.

VISION Zorka Keramika d.o.o, Šabac

Provision of excellent service in the field of production and sales of ceramic products with constant care about our customers, employees and community.
Zorka Keramika d.o.o , Šabac will achieve the set vision by consistent implementation of the following principles:
Zorka Keramika d.o.o Šabac bases its business success on production and sales of ceramic products, which are in compliance with customers’ requests and with current laws and regulations, as well as with internal standards arising from long-term experience.
Zorka Keramika d.o.o , Šabac builds its development and improves satisfaction and motivation of its customers and all employees by achieving its strategic goals, which include as follows:
  • Unique quality of delivered product, with constant expansion of high quality product range,
  • Constant increase of customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and expectations,
  • Consistent product control and process management which provide meeting of customers’ requirements and appropriate regulations and eliminate risks in terms of human safety and health,
  • Continuous investment into development and improvement of technical equipment,
  • Professional training of employees and increase of their creativity and initiative,
  • Constant increase of efficiency and effectiveness of all work processes and increase of profitability of total business operations, aimed at maintenance of leading position at Serbian market in the field of production and sales of ceramic products,
  • Optimum management of important environmental aspects, savings of resources and energy,
  • Preventive action and constant improvement of environmental protection,
  • Taking into consideration opinion and suggestion of all interested parties and legal provisions and taking appropriate measures, aimed at environmental protection improvement,
  • Reduction of operation costs with efforts of all employees to finish their tasks on time and in a good way; the first time and each time,
  • Creation, maintenance and improvement of correct partner relationship with recognized suppliers and users.
  • Increase export into neighbouring countries.

While complying with set goals, all employees give their personal contribution by introduction, consistent implementation and constant improvement of:
• Quality management system, harmonized with the standard ISO 9001:2015 and
• Environmental Protection System, harmonized with the standard ISO 14001:2015

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